Digital Marketing

Today’s digital marketing allows companies to have amazing control of their image online, and it’s easier than ever to target marketing to the specific audience you want to reach.

One Ten Digital offers a wide range of services to help increase visibility and interaction. And when your campaign is over, many types of digital marketing allow you to see detailed views of your performance. No more wondering if a campaign was successful!

Digital strategy

Not sure where to start, or looking for some new ways to be seen online? One Ten Digital can work with you to create an overall strategy for success on the web.

Search engine optimization

Customers use search to find businesses for the first time and find out more information about what they need. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to compete by making sure your website is search engine friendly.

Search engine marketing

Want to make sure you’re seen by people searching online? Search engine campaigns allow businesses to put their ad in front of eyes looking for specific topics online.

Social media marketing

From Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest, social media is more than cat videos and memes. Find the people you want to reach and put your content in their feed by creating ads for social media.

Email marketing

Newsletters and campaigns can be a great way to build loyalty and keep your customers engaged. We can help with initial setup or send out complete campaigns targeted to the best customers for your business.

Content creation

Telling the story of your business is crucial to attract customers and new business. One Ten Digital can craft engaging, professional copy to make sure your business leaves a great impression.

Digital analytics & reporting

Already have a site or social media presence? Great! We can install tools to give you detailed information about how your site is performing and create reports to show you the most important stats. We can also help you make sense of the analytics social media platforms provide and highlight the most important information.

Digital event promotion

We know event promotion can be frustrating. Make sure your event is a success with One Ten Digital’s affordable digital event promotion packages. We’ll add your events to local calendars and, if you’d like, add visibility with advertising on search and social media.

Digital event logistics

Running an event is hard work. Let us take social media off your plate during your event with our digital event logistics packages. We can respond to messages and posts while the event is happening and share the best posted content with your followers. Bundle with an event photography package to share photos as your event happens!

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