The One Ten Digital Approach

Hello! I’m Justin Russell.

I founded One Ten Digital after years of hearing how leaders at businesses and nonprofits found technology confusing and overwhelming. Running a company or organization is really tough; there are a million things to do, and you don’t have time to learn the ins and outs of how technology works.

But I’ve seen the potential the web and mobile hold for businesses and nonprofits, and I pledged to do whatever I could to help. I started One Ten Digital with the goal of being a partner to use the web and mobile to your advantage.

The One Ten Digital process

Every project starts with an initial consultation – either over email, on Zoom, or in person. This helps paint a better picture of what you’re trying to achieve and what makes you unique. It’s also a chance to learn about what you already have in place and what you might have wanted to try – even if you didn’t know how to make it happen.

I also always like to ask how involved in the process you’d like to be. Some people like to take an active role. Some would rather completely offload the online stuff and want a partner who can just handle it all for them. That in itself drives a lot of the decisions about which options may be best for you.

After that initial consultation, I like to present some strategy options. If you’re looking to build something new or start a new project, this might involve a conversation about which features are most important and how we could approach a launch. If you want to boost your online presence, we can talk about your current opportunities and which kind of approach would be best for you.

I want you to feel like you have a true partner. Questions are always welcome, whether you’ve heard about a new technology you think might be a good fit or you just want to know more about why a certain kind of campaign might be best for you.

One Ten’s services

One Ten Digital specializes in custom web and mobile tools to fuel growth. These kinds of tools can be useful for marketing, development, operations, and anywhere else you want to increase efficiency, scale, or reach new audiences. That can be as small as a custom WordPress module or as large as a completely new mobile app.

One Ten can help with your overall online strategy, too, with conversations about your goals and recommendations about a roadmap or marketing approach that will be best for you.

The power of collaboration

I truly believe collaboration drives results. Your expertise and knowledge of your business or nonprofit is an essential piece of a successful project, from the features your customers love to the content they’ll find valuable.

I also really enjoy bringing other smart people to the table as well. I’m proud of One Ten Digital’s connections with specialized marketers, designers, and creators that can produce amazing results for your project.

I’m excited to learn more about your goals and talk about how One Ten Digital can help!

– Justin

With over twenty years of experience with product management and digital development, Justin Russell has completed work for self-employed businesspeople, startups, multi-million dollar corporations, and clients of all sizes in between. As the founder of One Ten Digital, he hopes to continue helping businesses in Maine and beyond use digital tools to attract and increase business.

Justin Russell, One Ten Digital's founder
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