5 Business Trends to Watch in 2022

Happy 2022! The start of a new year is always a great time to pause for a minute and think about the next twelve months. What opportunities can your business use to its advantage? What challenges will you face?

No matter what you do as a company, there’s a good chance that your online strategy will come up during planning and brainstorming. Fortunately, there are lots of ways that businesses can use online trends to stand out from the crowd. Here are five of the biggest trends we see taking a role in the coming year.

The world continues to move mobile

It should be no surprise that the mobile revolution tops the list for 2022. More people are doing more on mobile than ever. And there’s no sign it’ll slow down.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the first iPhone. People who have never known life without the world at their fingertips are choosing where to do business, and they’ll choose the companies that speak their language.

From ordering take-out to sharing the latest trends on TikTok, mobile isn’t moving away from the spotlight.

Customer service automation levels up

When it comes to customer service, businesses have a dilemma. On one hand, it’s still really tough to find new employees in the current job market. But at the same time, customers are growing more and more tired of support and service that’s just, well, bad – and they’re not afraid to speak up about it.

Fortunately there are options to make the experience better for everyone. Chatbots, powered by tech like machine learning and AI, are better than ever, and they continue to improve. And many customer support systems now suggest answers before someone submits a request.

Automation (when done well) can save your company money by cutting down on customer service hours. And it can lead to happy customers that get answers and help right away.

Privacy in the spotlight

Social networks, search engines, phone makers, and more are growing up, and they’re moving away from the “anything goes” rules of yesterday. Customers want more control over who has access to their information. Governments are growing more interested in how big tech companies act, too.

This year, you’re likely to see more features like Apple’s App Privacy Report and privacy “nutrition labels” for apps as well as more of a focus on privacy on the web as new laws like California’s CCPA emerge.

Convenience and timeliness rule the day

The pandemic accelerated two trends that drive businesses around the world: we like easy, and we like quick. Food delivery, for example, has skyrocketed. While mega-corporations like Amazon always seem to be in the headlines, there are actually lots of ways that local businesses can gain an advantage here.

By creatively using your online presence together with your in-person experience – from customer service to curbside pickup to comparison shopping – you can create loyal customers that love your business (and love telling their friends about it).

Remote and freelance work move front and center

The past couple of years have transformed work. Remote work hasn’t just changed offices and work schedules; it’s leading to a shift in where people choose to live. It’s also affected businesses that rely on commutes, the real estate market, and more.

And as the labor market continues to be tight, freelance work is emerging as a solid option for businesses – especially for specialized workers. Bringing in a freelance consultant can help businesses take care of their needs without the hassle of job searches and long-term investment of hiring a dedicated employee.

This year promises to be full of opportunities for businesses that can seize the trends. If you’re interested in the latest news, be sure to keep watching the Bits blog for the latest tips and ideas to help your business succeed!

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