Fresh content keeps customers returning

Once your website is up and running, it’s important to update it over time with new information. But updating hours and changing out products is just the start. Adding fresh content regularly will help both your customers and search engines stay happy.

Keeping customers interested

Think about the sites you visit regularly. What separates them from the sites you visit once and never see again?

Chances are your regularly-visited sites stay updated with new content that keep you checking back for the latest info. In some cases it might be a blog that posts interesting tips or stories. Maybe it’s a recipe site that makes you want to run to the supermarket every time there’s a new post. Or maybe flash sales on anything from airline tickets to early bird specials keep your finger on the reload button in hopes of scoring the best buy.

Customers will return – and stay engaged with your company – if you give them interesting new content they won’t want to miss.

Keeping search engines happy

New content can also have benefits for how your site looks to search engines, too. Search engine optimization techniques often include posting new information to make sure Google and others see your site as active and valuable for customers. Staying current with posts is also a great chance for you to rank higher when people do a search for certain keywords.

Ask yourself: what are people searching for today that they weren’t yesterday?

Keeping your site updated is an easy way to make sure both customers and search engines stay happy and involved with your business.  Try adding a new page or post to your site today!

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