3 Big Benefits of a Mobile App

It’s hard to believe that the web is over 30 years old. Over those three decades, websites have always been a go-to way for any business or nonprofit to find customers, promote their product or service, and grow.

But as time’s gone on and the world has become more and more mobile, apps are an attractive option for many companies. You probably have a few dozen (or more) apps installed on your phone. Wouldn’t it be great if you could reserve a space on your screen for what you do?

Mobile apps can provide some valuable benefits over a standard website. And while every case is different, it’s probably worth a few minutes to consider whether an app could be a good way to reach your goals.

Let’s look at three big benefits provide above and beyond what a website can offer.


Modern app stores make it really easy to find and download apps for everything from your favorite restaurant to your favorite to-do list. Web developers can also put a notice on your website that lets people instantly download your app.

After the download is complete, you’re just a tap away. No need to go into a web browser or type in a website address.

The average American checks their phone almost 100 times every day. Just think about how often you see the icons on your home screen!

Using the phone’s features

The real gold mine of apps is the ability to tap into the phone’s features. Apps can easily use a phone’s camera or microphone to capture photos and video. They can tie into a user’s contact list to make it really easy to share. An they can use notifications and badges to send updates and keep people interested.

It’s important to remember that phones are really just small computers. Mobile apps unlock a lot of that power and possibility that wouldn’t be as available with a standard website.

Engagement & branding

Finally, apps can simply be… fun. Since you aren’t boxed into a web browser, you control the complete experience – and it can feel very you.

In general, websites tend to be more informational. Apps focus more on actions, and you can tune that experience to fit in with your brand. A little animation or color change once someone completes a task may feel more natural in an app than a website, for example.

…but every company is unique!

Apps aren’t the best choice for every project or company. And modern websites can be pretty powerful on their own. Sites are a lot more engaging than they used to be, and sites can even use some information that only used to be available to apps – like the phone’s location in the world.

It’s important to discuss your options with your development company to figure out what can have the most impact to help you achieve your project’s goals. There are plenty of options, and there’s one that will be the right fit for you!

Photo by Rohit Tandon on Unsplash

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