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Time for an Online Profile Checkup

Imagine this: you’re running a few errands and trying to squeeze everything in before stores close for the night. On your last stop, you walk up to the front door of your favorite sports shop – only to find the doors are locked. Behind you, you hear another person curse under their breath and say something like “the website said they were open!”

Situations like this can be an easy way to ruin reputations with customers. Fortunately, doing an online checkup can make sure they don’t happen in the first place!

Figure out where customers find information about you

In today’s world, your current and potential customers can find basic information about your business like store hours and menu items in a lot of places. They might visit your website, of course. But depending on what they use in their everyday lives, they might find the information in other places, too, including:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Apple Maps
  • Regional directories

It’s great that there are lots of places to find out about your business. But it also increases the chances that the information could be incorrect! Maybe there’s an ancient page of prices on Yelp. Maybe your Google listings don’t include that you accept credit cards or have free wi-fi. Each piece of incorrect or outdated information could be a lost opportunity to find customers.

Check in every few months

It’s a good idea to make the rounds and check to make sure your information is up to date every few months. (This can be especially important if things change season to season.) This will make sure that your customers have the best chance of finding the latest information when they look for you online.

Find the balance that’s right for your business. There will always be one-off changes (especially in today’s world): closing early for the day, running a short-term special, or other updates that might not be worth a full refresh. Aim for covering most of the questions your customers will have – somewhere around 80% of them. You can also do your best to cover the exceptions (like “Are you open when it snows?”) in a frequently asked questions page or knowledge base.

Consider a partner

It can be difficult to stay on top of your online information, especially when you’re juggling everything else in a business! You may consider working with a partner to make sure your information stays up to date. One Ten’s online profile package, for example, lets you focus on your business without having to worry about these kinds of updates.

Whichever path you take, making sure your business information is up-to-date is a great way to create satisfied customers!

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